This client has a historic home located in Batesburg, SC with 95% of the building materials being original from when the home was first constructed. The roof space on the front of the home was the perfect southern facing roof at a true 180 degrees south. The problem arose when we performed a roof audit and discovered the decorative metal shingles that were on the home were the original shingles and were still in perfect condition. After talking it over with the home owner we came to the conclusion that in order to preserve the shingles, a roof mount system was just not an option.  Once we determined a ground mount system was required, the homeowner expressed his need for covered parking to protect his vehicle and his lawn equipment. This became a natural fit for one of our Custom Solar Carports, so we began design.


This Solar Carport consists of a 20x22 metal structure built from square tubing that was welded together on-site by our General Manager JD Donaghe. This custom deisgn gives this client 440sq ft of covered parking. The Solar Energy System is made up of (24) of the Jinko Solar JKM280M-60 solar pv modules that produce 280 watts of DC power per panel totaling 6,720watts of solar power. The DC power is then inverted to AC power utilizing a Fronius Primo 6.0-1US Inverter System that features a built in wifi gateway to support its mobile monitoring platform. The racking system used to mount the panels to the Solar Carport is the Ironridge XR1000. 

This system is designed to offset a total of 873kwhr per month.

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