In a scenario where you have outrageously high electric bills and over 264 days of sunshine per year, it is no wonder why a solar in Lubbock Texas is such a no brainer! In Lubbock, there are many benefits to upgrading your home’s energy source to solar power. The generation and production of solar energy is an amazing opportunity all over the state of Texas, especially in West Texas. The world knows us for our love for barbecue, wide-open land, and vast amounts of shining sun. Why not harness the tremendous amounts of sunlight, and take advantage of the substantial savings and incentives offered when you go solar in Lubbock.

3 Years No Payments!

When having one of our SolarPlus Home Energy Systems installed, you can rapidly increase your return on the investment by taking advantage of the 30% Renewable Energy Federal Tax Credit along with various other energy efficiency incentives. After your solar panel installation, you will instantly be able to begin saving on artificial energy source usage. Gain extra equity out of your most valuable asset and increase your end game when selling your house in the future.

SolarWind Energy Systems is a solar energy company in Lubbock focused on getting you ahead of the continually rising electricity rates that produce those staggering bills. We will provide you the solution of Affordable Energy Independence so you can enjoy

decades of cleaner savings. Many Lubbock residents are forced to deal with fluctuating energy bills and unpredictable rates; however with a solar energy company who believes in the difference that renewable energy can bring, you too can begin the road to savings by utilizing the world’s most inexpensive and abundant energy resource, the sun!

Lubbock Solar Panel Installation Property Tax Exemption

Installing solar panels in Lubbock is a great way to add value and make it easier to sell your home. Your home's value will increase dollar for dollar when you purchase a SolarPlus Home Energy System. Even better news, the state of Texas exempts solar panel installations from your property tax. At the same time that your home value increases, the cost to power your home decreases, and you don’t have to pay more taxes on your property. It’s a win-win for Texas homeowners.

Tax Credits Available for Installing Solar in Lubbock

All Texas homeowners and business owners are eligible for the Federal Solar Tax Credit. This program allows for a 30% tax credit on the full cost of your solar panel system, including the installation. Thus, if you invest in a $30,000 solar system, the government will credit you $9,000 that you apply to the current or subsequent tax bills.

Solar Panel Installation and Warranties

SolarWind Energy Systems is a leading solar energy company in Lubbock, TX. We also hold industry-leading guarantees and warranties.

  • 30-year Production Warranty from Sifab Solar

  • In house Labor Warranties on solar panel installations

  • 25 Year Inverter System Warranty from Fronius USA

  • 24/7 Lifetime Monitoring

  • SolarPlus Service Plans to fit your needs

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